// Music Composition

In tandem with the moving picture, digital music composition can be used to stretch the medium and amplify our emotional perception.

Today, a lot of music is or can be composed digitally. The quality of digital compositions is indistinguishable from studio recordings. This allows us to produce a variety of styles, from tearjerkers to pure ear candy.

// Sound Design

What does your project sound like?

Whether creating sounds to enhance or replace prerecorded audio, or the construction of non-existing sounds: we design the required sound. All in harmony with the image, sound design utilizes the expressive possibilities of audio, to complete a production.

// Sonic Branding

Sonic branding represents and distinguishes the standards and values of a company through audio.

We translate brands through audio, expressing and accenting their identities. Each sound is uniquely crafted to be not only on-brand, but memorable – triggering recognition and future brand memory.